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The issues that matter to you, matter to Jesse.

Jesse looks forward to learning from the public of what issues should be focused on in 2023. He is passionate about education, housing, economic development, and local control. Below is a summary of what Fonkert for South Dakota stands for.

Issues: Get Involved


  • Local Control

    • Limited Government Interference in Day-to-Day life

    • Keep decision making close to the people

  • Protecting the Constitution

    • Pro-Second Amendment

    • Protecting Rights guaranteed in the First Amendment

    • Keeping our elections secure and locally controlled

  • Pro-Life

  • Investing in Education

    • Support our schools so that the education system creates the best and brightest​

    • Ensuring that our programs match up with the demand for positions in the workforce

  • Strengthening South Dakota's Economy​​

    • Attracting new industries

    • Supporting agriculture 

    • Investing in Housing

    • Maintaining and enhancing critical infrastructure

  • Preserving our parks and quality of life

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